Powerful low-code process automation with K2 Software

With the ease and power of Nintex K2 Cloud and Nintex K2 Five, you can drive process excellence across your organization by connecting people, systems, and data to orchestrate how and when work gets done.


An Easier Way to Automate All Your Business Processes

The K2 platform gives businesses the tools they need to easily build and run process automation applications across their organization, from simple to mission-critical. Our visual workflow designer makes it possible for individuals to create workflows by dragging and dropping tasks into a canvas without having to enter a single line of code. And our platform integrates with any line-of-business system so you can pull data from various sources into one application.


Your systems, machines and people are as different as the processes that interact with them. However, getting them all to play nicely together is difficult and time-consuming. Our patented integration technology (called SmartObjects) makes connecting to all your systems quick and reusable. With SmartObjects, your processes can consume and surface line-of-business data easily and contextually.



Quickly deliver a user interface for every need, using a single technology stack. With K2, you can create reusable views and forms (called SmartForms), and use them like building blocks to assemble even more forms. It’s this reusability that makes it possible to create a form, customize the design, set up integrations and quickly take it live.

Pre-built Apps

Automate your processes even quicker. Pre-built applications (called SmartStarters) are available for common use cases like employee onboarding, sales quote approval, social media post review and more. With App Wizard, you can build an application even more rapidly, in just three steps.


Workflows dictate your processes, and every time a step, system, person or rule gets added or changed, the lines of code pile up. With K2, you can build workflows visually — saving significant time and creating opportunities to improve.


Once you automate, opportunities to improve will be much easier to identify. From free out-of-the-box process reports and integration with third-party tools like Power BI, K2 gives you the real-time insights you need to make better, data-driven decisions.


You need more than just mobile applications. Rapid, reusable development, data management, offline capabilities, project administration tools, end-to-end security and more — do it all with K2.

Security & governance

Use role-based security to set access on both the creation of an application and its usage. Set up security around who can create or modify components of a K2 application, like workflows, forms or SmartObjects, as well as handle access to application tasks and data.

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