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ADAA is a pioneering provider of Digital Transformation Solutions over MENA region. With a clear vision and a steady flow, ADAA aims to empower medium-sized and large enterprises to achieve their full potential by increasing their gains from collected data, reducing operational costs, increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Compiled through years of operation, ADAA brings an extensive experience that help clients into all sectors such as but not limited to Government, Military, Information Technology, etc…

ADAA forms a strategic partnership with the world’s leading entities concerned into the Digital Transformation considering a long & rich list of international references.




Delivered Solutions

Public Services Digitalization

Self-Services Platforms

Executive Office Systems

Visitor Management Systems

Inventory & Delivery Systems

Maintenance and Technical Support systems

Vendor Management Systems

Customized Graphical Dashboards

CRM & PMO Systems

Smart Devices Applications

Contractors’ Pre-Qualification Systems

Internal & External Portals

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