Add big data to your sales force

Retail is definitely a data-driven industry. You need to track what’s happening right now, in real-time, so you can forecast and make informed plans for the future.

A healthy dose of data visualization

Healthcare, and healthcare data, is more complicated than ever. Constant changes in government mandates, insurance, EMR, and HIPAA compliance can make it difficult to plan for the future.


We understand that our competitive value is not merely in leading our customers towards survival but rather in helping them to achieve and maintain a leading position in their respective markets.ices

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Our team of competent Engineers & creative Visual Communicators collaborate together to meet the highest of Standards, where efficiency & time are of the essence.


We provide a rigid workforce with audacity as its backbone,
surpassing any obstacles and achieving limitless goals on your behalf.

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We only provide premium grade services to our customers , ensuring ongoing satisfaction and outcomes tailored to perfection.

Success Stories

“It was not easy to use technology, and implementation was quick and simple.”
John Charles Heisenberg

Manager of e-Commerce, Navy Federal Credit Union

“iDashboards utilization of ‘interactive intelligence’ allowed for easy viewing of multiple data points in a single view. Additionally, iDashboards drilldown features allow for easy navigation and summation of information while still making detail available in the background.”
Ryan Grekoff,

Manager, Logistics Center, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

“IDashboards use interactive intelligence to display a set of data in the background.”

CIO, Capterra

“Through our 4 years’ experience with K2, we noticed a significant increase in user satisfaction, a flexible platform and a rapid response to change with high quality outputs.”
Omar I. Al-Sadhan

Business & System Analyst, CITC

“Our IT department is able to work faster. Our development time has been reduced and our productivity has increased – allowing us to save money and, in an indirect way, increase our revenue. We are very happy with K2, in that it’s helping us to achieve our ICT Strategy and put our business in a better position within the market as well.”
Syed Majid Ali

Business Analyst - ICT, Tatweer Building Company

“It used to take ten to fifteen days for travel requests to be approved, but it now takes just one to three days ”
Amir Salah

Head of Business Solutions

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